Jun 132011

First official meeting of coaches for metabolic balance® in Canada.

A specially selected group of 12 doctors, nutritionists and health trainers  met on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May in Oakville, at the e-Spot 353, Iroquois Shore Road, Suite 200, Oakville, Ontario.


In presence of Dr. Benito Carballar, Dipl. Oec., Margaret Jamin, Alternative Practitioner and licence holder of the trademark metabolic balance® in Canada and BA Vera Jamin, Marketing and Sales Manager of GET Nutrition Consulting Inc.

The three days Coach Certification Program for metabolic balance® took place in a very positive atmosphere.


 The metabolic balance® method and nutrition basics:

Day 1:  Theory – The simple an economic solution for an everlasting remedy  of the metabolic syndrome

Day 2: Practical Day – Nutrition basics

Day 3: Practical Day – How to execute the metabolic balance® Program

 It is not possible to describe the content of this meeting and seminar in short. But one aspect is clear – the metabolic balance® program is easy to handle for the clients as well as for the coaches and the results are fantastic. In Europe as well as in many other countries like USA, Russia and Mexico, metabolic balance is a well known and medical proofed nutrition and health program. More than 300.000 people changed their lifestyle and their nutrition habits to get more healthy and slim. metabolic balance® does not see itself as a new weight lost program because it is much more, it is a lifestyle change program. Instead of eating less metabolic balance tells the customer how to eat, how much to eat and what to eat. Based on over 30 different blood values, metabolic balance is able to create an individual meal plan for the customer. Metabolic balance even calculates the exact amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat as well as the amount of water which the customer has to eat and drink during the day. It happens quite often, that the customer has to eat more than he would usually eat to improve the metabolism and get it up and running again.

The four phases of the metabolic balance program are described here in a short form. If you need more information you can easily go to the homepage of metabolic balance® Canada. www.metabolic-balance.com/ca

Phase 1: Preparation (2 days) – Your body is gently prepared
for the nutritional adjustment.

Phase 2: Strict Conversion (a minimum of 14 days) – You
will strictly follow 8 basic rules and eat only the foods listed on
your personal food plan. Your metabolism is being trained and
adjusts to the new nutritional lifestyle.

Phase 3: Relaxed Conversion (the duration depends on your
personal circumstances and your goals) –
While still observing the 8 basic rules, more freedom and even a treat meal once a week can be enjoyed while you closely monitor your progress. New foods will be added as well.

Phase 4: Maintenance (a lifetime) – The maintenance phase will assist you to maintain your new ideal and healthy weight. You will have established a new balanced lifestyle and a new found appreciation for healthy and beneficial foods.

For more information go to the homepage or write an Email to Vera Jamin.

Homepage: http://www.metabolic-balance.com/ca

E-Mail: canada@metabolic-balance.com